Thai Barcelona

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67.80 €
1. Tasting menu (price per couple)

Starters tasting (Kai satee, Kanom gib, Poh-pia, Yam Won Sen, Tood Man plamuk, Khung phom pha) + Mains tasting (Paneng Nua, Kio Wan Khung, Pad Thaï, Kai Hor Baithoy, Kai Pad Medmamuang) + Rice + Dessert (fruit and sweets from Thai Barcelona)


10.35 €
1. Kai Satee (5 units)

Skewers with chicken thigh grilled and marinated in coconut milk and peanut sauce

9.60 €
2. Poh Pia (5 units)

Vegetarian Vegetable spring rolls, Thai Barcelona style

10.55 €
3. Khung Phom Pha (5 units)

Prawn tails wrapped in a crispy batter with a touch of peanut

9.60 €
4. Kanom Gib (5 units)

Baskets stuffed with pork and water chestnuts steamed

9.60 €
5. Yuang Tong (5 units)

Bag of crispy dough stuffed with minced pork and soy sprouts

9.30 €
6. Tood Man Plamuk (5 units)

Croquettes with shrimp, squid, cilantro and corn, breaded with panko

9.30 €
7. Pansib (3 units)

Dumplings stuffed with minced chicken and vegetables with turmeric

10.80 €
8. Ped Son Ruub (3 units)

Crispy triangles stuffed with roast duck and vegetables flavored with cinnamon

9.10 €
9. Poh Pia Sod (4 units)

Vegetarian Fresh rice pasta rolls, stuffed with vegetables, omellette, lettuce, mint, peanuts and tamarind sauce

14.25 €
10. Thai Barcelona (6 units)

Assortment five starters and salad Yam Won Sen


10.15 €
1. Yan Woon Sen

Spicy Vegetarian Vermic elli soy salad with minced chicken, vegetables, lime juice, celery and cilantro

13.40 €
2. Yam Nua

Spicy Salad of beef butt filets that just firing in lime juice and shallots, mint and Thai spices

12.60 €
3. Som Tam

Spicy Vegetarian Green papaya salad with vegetables, peanuts and lime juice

12.60 €
4. Pha Khung Sod

Spicy Prawn salad with vegetables, coriander and spicy sauce

10.85 €
5. Pat Pak

Vegetarian Sautéed seasonal vegetables, broccoli, bamboo shoots and soy sprouts accompanied by garlic oil and soy sauce


9.70 €
1. Tom Yam Khung

Spicy Chicken soup with prawns, mushrooms, lemon grass and coriander

8.60 €
2. Tom Kaa Kai

Chicken soup with coconut milk, mushrooms, chicken, galanga, lemongrass and coriander

8.40 €
3. Tom Yam Pakruam

Vegetarian Vegetable broth with lime juice, mushrooms, vegetables, lemongrass and coriander


11.90 €
1. Khao Pat Si Yu Kai

Rice sautéed with chicken, egg, vegetables and soy sauce

13.20 €
2. Kao Pad Si Yu Khung

Rice sautéed with prawns, egg, vegetables and soy sauce

15.75 €
3. Khao Sapparod

Rice scented with tumeric sautéed with vegetables, prawns and pineapple. Served in a fresh pineapple.

11.50 €
4. Pat Thai

Vegetarian Rice noodles sauteed with vegetables, onion, soy and peanuts with tamarind sauce

13.20 €
5. Pat Thaï Sai Khung

Rice noodles sauteed with shrimp, egg, onion, soy, vegetables and peanuts with tamarind sauce

11.50 €
6. Mee Pad Pak

Vegetarian Egg noodles with vegetables sauteed in soy sauce and sesame


16.80 €
1. Nua Pad Namman Hoy

Threaded butt beef and sauteed with vegetables and oyster sauce

17.30 €
2. Nua Kratiam

Spicy Threaded veal butt sauteed with garlic oil and bunch of fresh green pepper, accompanied by vegetables, served grilled

16.85 €
3. Nua Pad Samunpri

Spicy Veal sauteed with lime leaf red pepper and basil


15.30 €
1. Priow Wan Mu

Pork fillet sauteed with vegetables and sweet and sour sauce

15.60 €
2. Kaproaw Mu Saab

Spicy Lean minced pork, sauteed with basil, vegetables and a bunch of fresh green pepper


17.30 €
1. Ped Makham

Duck breast grilled, served on a bed of spinach with garlic and tamarind sauce

15.45 €
2. Kai Pad King

Sauteed chicken breast fillet with assorted vegetables and fresh ginger

15.70 €
3. Kai pad Medmamuang

Fillets of chicken breast sauteed with vegetables, black mushrooms, pineapple and cashews

15.05 €
4. Kai Hor Baithoy (5 units)

Diced chicken thigh marinated in oyster sauce and wrapped in baithoy leaves, served with soy sauce

15.70 €
5. Kaproaw Kai

Spicy Fillets of chicken breast sauteed with basil, vegetables and a bit of fresh green pepper


19.15 €
1. Pla Nung Manow

Spicy Hake fillets with vegetables and lemon sauce with Thai spices

19.30 €
2. Pla Lad Prink

Spicy Salmon filets breaded with panko and coconut, sauteed in soy sauce, chilli and basil

18.30 €
3. Kaproaw Khung

Spicy Prawns sauteed with basil, vegetables and a bit of green pepper

19.15 €
4. Pla Nung See Iew

Hake fillets steamed slowly with spices, noodles and soy sauce

19.05 €
5. Pla Luy Suan

Spicy Filets fried salmon served with green mango salad with lime juice, Thai spices and hot sauce


16.15 €
1. Kio Wan Tofu

Spicy Vegetarian Fried Tofu with vegetables in green curry with coconut milk

15.75 €
2. Pad Kaproaw Tofu

Spicy Vegetarian Tofu stir fried with basil, onion, pepper and a bit of fresh green pepper

15.75 €
3. Tofu Pad Metmamuang

Vegetarian Tofu Fried with red and green peppers, green onions, pineapple and cashews

9.35 €
4. Tofu Satee (5 units)

Vegetarian Fried tofu skewers served with peanut sauce and coconut milk


19.80 €
1. Kio Wan Nua Mapraw

Spicy Threaded butt beef in green curry with vegetables, served in a whole fresh coconut

16.45 €
2. Kio Wan Kai

Spicy Filleted chicken breast in green curry with assorted vegetables

18.65 €
3. Osobuco Massaman

Spicy Veal dices in smooth and creamy red curry with potatoes and cashews

17.95 €
4. Kaeng Phed Ped Yang

Spicy Duck breast fillet in red curry with pineapple, lychee and black grapes

17.25 €
5. Paneng Nua

Spicy Veat steaks in creamy red curry

18.40 €
6. Paneng Khung

Spicy Prawns in red curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots i lychees

19.80 €
7. Chu-Chi Pla

Spicy Steamed sea bass fillets with red curry, coconut milk and vegetables

16.15 €
8. Kaeng Daeng Pakruam

Spicy Vegetarian Assorted seasonal vegetables in red curry with coconut milk


4.45 €
1. Thai Hom Mali

Vegetarian Thai jasmine rice

5.05 €
2. Khao Niao

Vegetarian Glutinous Rice from Northern Thailand, cooked and served in your typical shopping

8.45 €
3. Jai Jio

Vegetarian Thai omelet with onions and other vegetables

8.25 €
4. Khao Pad Jai

Thai jasmine rice stir fried with egg and garlic


7.00 €
1. Imported fruits

Choose the fruit: papaya, pomelo, mango, mangosteen, rambutan or pineapple

7.50 €
2. Black Orchid

Chocolate coulant

8.00 €
3. Coconut Flan

Creamy coconut flan with caramel on top

7.00 €
4. Thai mousse

Chocolate mousse with coconut pulp

7.50 €
5. Sukhothai

Sweet rice with banana wrapped in a banana leaf

11.50 €
6. Dessert Thai Barcelona

Assorted tipical thai sweet and carved fruit

8.50 €
7. Khao Niao Mamuang

Thai classic dessert, mango served with sweet rice and coconut milk

7.50 €
8. Pavlova

Merengue with yogurt and raspberry coulis

7.50 €
9. Amelie au chocolat

Chocolate cake

8.00 €
10. Banana Thai

Banana cake with syrup


3.60 €
1. Cerveza Singha

Cerveza tailandesa

3.00 €
2. Cerveza Estrella

3.00 €
3. Beer Gluten Free